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Individually designed art

Designs and artworks based on children's drawings produced individually to your needs.

Cross Generation Art

Individually created artworks based on original childrens' drawings

Custom Projects

Corporate design and products

Personalised Art Gifts

Set  of designs for pesonalised artwork gifts to remember special life occasions.

Unique Moment Art

Memories forever


“The artwork reflects my passion for creating art and pleasing other souls. I find inspiration in life itself and believe there is beauty in subtleties. The power of colors and symbols is the base of my artworks.”


I have been creating art my whole life. I have studied visual art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava where I have completed the bachelor studies in 2005 at the Department of Sculpture.


I create art canvases and design prints as an original personalised home wall art. In my creative process I am inspired by nature, colours, pure lines and first of all by my three children. Thanks to them, my artwork has formed into the current shape. More than ten years of working with kids’ drawings have shown me how a unique memory kept in a canvas can carry us back to the magic moment. A picture on canvas as a unique memory of your wedding, the day your baby was born, or a notable anniversary, will recall a special time of your life. I believe this original wall art will become a delight in your room.



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Veronika Fodorová k.s., Bratislava, Slovakia​

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