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Cross Generation Art

Making Of

Artworks of Slovak artist Veronika Fodorová represent unique fusion of ingenuous children‘s drawings and the author‘s sensitive shaping and finalisation of the original work. To achieve the final product Veronika is using various visual elements and graphic techniques. The creative process is based on careful selection of elements from original children’s drawing enriched by new dimensions. This symbiotic fusion results in a unique artwork reflecting the nooks and crannies of the soul of both children and the adult artist.

Veronika first selects fragments from the original kids drawing and puts them together into a new visual composition. In the next step she decorates the newly created design with colours and her own patterns. The final image is in the end enriched by hand painted decores.

Before and After

Bastian 4y., 2016, 90x85cm
Nelka 4y., 2016, 85x95cm
Maxim 5y., 2016, 40x50cm
Tatjana 4y., 2014, 70x70cm
Ninka 4y., 2016, 70x57cm
Marcel 5y., 2015, 63x74cm
Nina 6y., 2014, 70x84cm
Matej 5y., 2015, 80x80cm
Zora 4y., 2014, 80x85cm
Marcel 3y., 2014, 90x65cm
Klara 6y., 2013, 100x100cm


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